Thom Smith is an artist from Brooklyn, NY now living in Tokyo.

To contact please email-

or call +81 (0)80 1396 0666

BORN- 1980, IL, USA

LIVES / WORKS- Tokyo, Japan

EDUCATION- 2002, BFA, The Cooper Union, NY


2013  Outlier, Galeria de Muerte, Tokyo, Japan

          Forest of Suicides, Galeria de Muerte, Tokyo, Japan

          Number of The Beast, Galeria de Muerte, Tokyo, Japan

2011  No One in Particular, Except…, Motus Fort, Tokyo, Japan

          Baptism of Evil By Fire, Cannabis, Tokyo, Japan

          Voidhanger, Wall Gallery, Tokyo, Japan [SOLO]

          Mish Mash, Lamp Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan

          Can You See the Rainbow from There?, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan

2010  Graphomania, Garbageman Astronaut Project Space, Portland, OR

          We Came to Wreck Everything, UFS Visningsrom, Bergen, Norway

2008  Dark Age, Stairwell Gallery, Providence, RI

2007  Wide Open, McCaig-Wells, Brooklyn, NY

          Drawn and Quartered, Like the Spice, Brooklyn, NY

          Salon de Expace #4, AG Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2004  Loose Cannon, RKL Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

          Defibrillator II, McKibben Space, Brooklyn, NY

2003  Mountains, Phoebe’s, Brooklyn, NY

          We Do What We Like and We Like What We Do, Atlantic Conference, Brooklyn, NY

          The Beginning is the End, Atlantic Conference, Brooklyn, NY

          Defibrillator, McKibben Space, Brooklyn, NY

2002  Truth + Disbelief, The Cooper Union, New York, NY [SOLO]


2013  Black Mark, zine contributing artist

2011  Submit To Satan Vol. 2, producer & curator of international artist zine

          Puppy American 3: I Want To Believe, zine / show catalogue contributor

2010  Submit To Satan Vol. 1, producer & curator of international artist zine

2007  Wide Open, show catalogue

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