Submit to Satan Vol. II

Submit to Satan Volume 2. $10 including shipping. Paypal prefered.

40 pages, numbered edition of 100

Thom Smith

Ragnar Persson / Andrew Guenther

Natalie Purkey / Christauf Wright

Anders Elsrud Hultgreen

Ican Harem / Kalle Runeson

Danilo Stankovic / Tetsunori Tawaraya

NANOOK / Jack Drury

Chris Tianto / Dan BonesIcan Harem / Vidi Nurhadi


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  1. […] SUBMIT TO SATAN Vol. II Artists: Masaru Aikawa, Dan Bones, Jack Drury, Andrew Guenther, Ican Harem, Anders Elsrud Hultgreen, KAHO, Feransis Mati, Yuichiro Nakane, NANOOK, Vidi Nurhadi, Ragnar Persson, Natalie Purkey, Kalle Runeson, Thom Smith, Danilo Stankovic, Tetsunori Tawaraya, Sayaki Terauchi, Ken Terror, Chris Tianto, Christauf Wright […]

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