Submit to Satan Vol. III

Submit to Satan Volume 3. $10 including shipping. Paypal preferred.

Hand printed silkscreen cover, 44 pages, numbered edition of 100

The artists from this zine have each chosen a song to be listened to while viewing their art.

To listen to the podcast, click the link below. Persson / GoatsheepSubmitToSatan3SAMPLESobi

Obi containing information about podcast


SubmitToSatan3SAMPLESJigokuTetsunoriJigoku Daiyu / Tetsunori TawarayaSubmitToSatan3SAMPLESTaiTai OgawaSubmitToSatan3SAMPLESThomAndrewThom Smith / Andrew GuentherSubmitToSatan3SAMPLESRagnarMattRagnar Persson / Matt JonesSubmitToSatan3SAMPLESMattiasMattias WestfalkSubmitToSatan3SAMPLESRagnarJustinRagnar Persson / J. Pogue